Here are the best laptops you can buy in 2018


Laptops are insanely popular out there, with hundreds of millions of units sold. Big names like Dell, Apple, Samsung, or HP in the industry are contesting for market ground. Apple has its own MacBook lineup of laptops. Apple MacBook is among the most desired laptops on the market, mainly thanks to its stunning design and optimized macOS. However, Apple MacBook is falling behind Windows-based PCs out there as big brands are offering affordable laptops with crazy specs. Tech watchers claim that Apple is planning to announce a cheaper MacBook this year to take on competitors out there.

The upcoming MacBook will retain the same design from the current MacBook models while promising major upgrade through reworked internal components. Sources say that we are seeing an intense competition among big names in the laptop industry at the end of the year. If you are looking for the best laptop that meets your needs, then we are here to help. In the section below, we have gathered the best laptops you can buy on the market in 2018, so you can decide what’s the right one for you.

  1. Dell XPS 13

Dell is one of the biggest names in the industry. The American firm is selling millions of laptop units every quarter, helping it grab its own market ground. Dell has a number of different brands of laptops, one of which includes the XPS series. The 2018 Dell XPS 13 retains what we have loved about the previous models while adding a great deal of power under the hood. Specifically, the model features Intel’s 8th gen processors, huge SSDs and more memory. Besides, the company ditched the barrel-style connector found on every Dell laptop, instead, adopting two Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports, which boosts the charging times and file transfer speed.

When it comes to design, the XPS 13 maintains the same design language you can find on every XPS laptop on the market, but the device gets some polishing. Indeed, the 2018 XPS 13 is now thinner and lighter than its predecessors, thus offering a more comfortable hands-on experience. Besides, keyboards are amazing with a high level of responsiveness and the trackpad is great. However, Dell XPS 13 still relies on Intel’s low-power graphics card to handle heavy tasks. Rumors claim that Dell has been working on integrating dedicated graphics cards into its XPS lineup.

Dell XPS 13 is a top-tier laptop that offers enough power to handle all your daily tasks. However, it is not cheap out there as it sets you back around $979 for the model with an 8th gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor and 128GB SSD.

  1. Gigabyte Aero 15X V8-CF2

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, then the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8-CF2 should be your perfect choice. The device is specifically designed for handling every gaming session you put on it, thanks to the NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card. During our test, the device runs easily heavy-graphics games like Battlefield 5 or the Witcher3 on the 1080p screen at Ultra settings. However, the GTX 1080 should be better if you want to handle games in 2K or 4K.

One of the selling points of the laptop lies in its 144Hz screen, allowing for a smooth gaming experience. This is the first time we are seeing a gaming laptop with this screen technology. Under the hood, the device is fueled by Intel’s sixth-core Intel processor, coupled with 16GB of RAM. Besides, the device comes with 512GB SSD for faster boot time.

When it comes to design, the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8-CF2 comes with a beautiful look with small bezels and slim build. This comes as a surprise seeing that the device packs with the GTX 1070 graphics card. The keyboards are specifically designed for gaming, allowing you to boost your gaming session. Besides, the laptop offers enough connectivity options, including the ability to connect to VR headsets and larger displays.

If you are struggling to buy a gaming laptop, then the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8-CF2 should be on your wish list.

  1. HP 15-da0047na

The HP 15-da0047na is an affordable laptop that is aimed at users with basic needs. Basically, the device offers smooth performance ranging from browsing the web to editing documents, all made possible by Intel’s 8th generation Core i3 processor. The device has 8GB of RAM for better multitasking and a 128GB SSD for faster file transfer. In terms of display, the HP 15-da0047na sports a 15.6in Full HD screen, which is best for watching videos and handling office tasks. However, the laptop cannot run heavy-graphics software and games. This makes sense for a mid-range laptop.

The HP 15-da0047na is a better choice if you are looking for a laptop with a great price and moderate power. The laptop now costs you £449 in the UK and it can be found for less on Amazon.

These are the best three laptops you can pick from. If you have a favorite, then don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.


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