Securing your iPhone with VeePN is a Piece of Cake

VeePN interfaces

We’ve come across lots of Virtual Private Network services for iOS as part of our coverage of all things Mac, and we’ve always had a gripe about performance, pricing, features or something else. This one was too expensive with literally three options and features, or that one was well priced but slower than my Grandmother was. Or else, everything would be great but their server availability wasn’t as wide as we’d like it to be. It’s not often you come across a VPN service that ticks all the boxes and is perfect for mobile use as well. iOS VPN for iPhone by VeePN is all of that.

iPhone security is not just about your device being safe: it’s also about how safely you can use it online. And VeePN perfectly complements the greater security that an iPhone can provide over an Android device. All you need to do is install it on your iPhone from the App Store, pick a location from nearly 50 options, and start browsing at the best speeds possible.

How Will It Protect Me Online?

Are you uncomfortable with VPN applications and worried that your hair will fall out by the time you’re done tweaking the numerous settings? No worries, VeePN has you covered with automatic configuration. It also uses multiple VPN protocols to make sure you’re protected all the time. Even when your connection drops, your Internet connection is instantly blocked, so your identity is always protected due to the Kill Switch feature. This kill switch is extremely useful when you want to keep your identity private at all costs.

Probably the best feature, for us at least, is how the service handles public Wi-Fi hotspots. These are usually the hunting ground of hackers looking to prey on unprotected devices. VeePN won’t let that happen to your iOS device. The app keeps a constant watch over public traffic, and preemptively blocks any suspicious activity before it can reach your device.

VeePN doesn’t just stop at protecting iOS devices. You can also set it up on your router so any traffic coming from or going to your Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation or another device using your Wi-Fi is fully protected.

So, what is the biggest thing that VeePN can offer you? No, it is not a cheap price or thousands of servers or three hundred different features, although it’s got a lot to offer. The biggest thing it offers is peace of mind, and you can never pay too much for that invaluable commodity.

Are you ready to try VeePN? Some folks think that VPN services are only used to cover your tracks when doing something illegal or inappropriate. That’s as much of a myth as the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, Santa Claus and that big fat raise your boss keeps dangling in front of your nose. What, Santa’s not real?

The Myths and Realities of a VPN Service

The reality is that a VPN keeps your identity from falling into the wrong hands, while giving you access to geo-restricted content on the web and allowing you to sleep at night without the fear of Big Brother watching you all the time. In this case, Big Brother could be Bomcast, AP&P, Foogle Fiber or any other Internet service provider. See how I cleverly changed the names so nobody can guess what they are? Genius, aren’t I?

But on a more serious note, there are at least three situations where a VPN can help you.

  • Online shopping or browsing for stuff on the Internet always means you’ll be followed around by ads showing you those very same products. VPNs can eliminate that creepy experience when you browse under protection.
  • Secondly, you usually can’t access your home country’s online programming on many platforms like Hulu or Netflix while you’re travelling overseas. VPNs make that happen.
  • Third, if you’re researching an embarrassing medical condition for yourself or a friend, you probably don’t want that information stored on the search engine company’s database, right?

A recent and frightening trend is the use of IoT (smart home gadgets, for example) to hack into networks. IoT devices like security cameras and motion detection systems are vulnerable to such attacks, and if they are left unprotected, you’ll be the only one to blame if anything should happen to your own family.

For the price of a couple of Starbucks lattes, you can protect yourself and your loved ones whenever you’re online. VeePN for iOS protects all your iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, and when you set it up on your router, all the connected devices have their shields on as well.