Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rumors, release date, and features

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most anticipated phones this year. The Note 9 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Note 8 and become one of the best Galaxy Note devices. Last year, the Galaxy Note 8 received a wide welcome at launch, with praise directed at its innovative features, stunning display, and better fingerprint scanner.

The Note 8 served as Samsung’s strategic plan to recover the company’s damaged reputation following the Note 7 fiasco. The Note 8 was a huge success on the market, which gives a Samsung a driving reason to launch the Note 9 this year.

 In reality, Samsung has a tradition of unveiling a new Galaxy Note device in July or August.  Last year, the South Korean firm announced the Note 8 on August 23, with public release arriving on 15 September.

Rumors regarding the next generation Galaxy Note have been for months, hinting at the impressive features coming into the device. With that in mind, we have rounded up all rumors and reports we know so far, so you can get a quick look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note device.

  1. When will Galaxy Note 9 be released to the public?

The unprecedented recall of the Note 7 damaged Samsung’s reputation on the market. The South Korean firm was trying to do its best to recover its reputation out there. Samsung took a big step to achieve that goal when the company unveiled the Note 8 in August 2017.

The Galaxy Note 8 was not a huge upgrade over the Note 7, but it marked Samsung’s strong comeback on the market following the Note 7 disaster. With the Note 8, Samsung retains what’s best of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, ranging from Infinity Display to excellent camera performance.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 might make its debut in August, one month earlier than Apple’s new iPhone models. According to some reliable sources, Samsung will announce the Note 9 at an Unpacked event in New York on August 9. And, Samsung will start sending out invites for the event in early August. August 9 announcement is possible this year as Samsung wants to take on Apple’s 2018 iPhone models.

  1. What will it be called?

It still remains unclear what Samsung will call this year’s Galaxy Note. Sources say that the next generation Galaxy Note will surely be named Note 9. This makes a lot of sense, as the recent Galaxy phones were the Note 8 in 2017 and Note 7 in 2016.

Tech experts say that Samsung has no plan to skip the number 9 to go straight to 10 this year. In reality, last year, Apple removed the number 9 from its iPhone series, instead, introducing iPhone X. Sources say that Samsung has been testing a phone prototype codenamed SM-N960U, hinting at a possible release of the Galaxy Note 9 this year.

  1. A top-notch

A notch has become an essential part of top-tier smartphones in recent years. Apple is one of the leading smartphone brands to adopt a top notch in its iPhone’s display. A top-notch allows users to quickly check for notifications and messages.

Reports say that the launch of Apple iPhone X will boost adoption of a notch in Android phones. Sources say that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the first Samsung phone with a notch. If this is the case, the Note 9 will come with a new design.

However, tech experts say that the Note 9 will sport a new design without a notch. The South Korean firm wants to do something new, rather than follow hot design trend.

  1. Smarter Bixby

Bixby ranks among the best virtual helpers on the market. Samsung has been improving Bixby since the day one. Bixby is getting smarter and better than it was before. The virtual helper was once a disaster when it launched alongside the Galaxy S8. Bixby was not fully functional, but things have changed.

You now can do a lot more things with Samsung’s virtual helper. However, it still lacks some important skills. Sources say that Samsung has been working on the second generation Bixby for months. And the company will debut it on the Galaxy Note 9 this year. Reports claim that Bixby will make its way into your house this year, allowing you to control your home appliances.

  1. Better AR Emoji

AR Emoji is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Animoji, allowing you to create an animated version of your face. However, Samsung’s AR Emoji has its flaws like lack of exciting emoji characters. Samsung has a lot of work to do to improve AR Emoji this year.

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