Here’s how to hide Siri Menu icon in macOS

Siri serves as an incredibly convenient assistant that is built right into Apple devices. You can use your voice command to get Siri to do a handful of cool things that you could normally do on your phone, tablet, or Mac yourself. One problem is that Mac users they wish to hide Siri menu icon but still turn it on…


Here’s how you can disable Siri on Mac

It’s undeniable that Siri is a handy assistant that comes with Apple devices. You can get Siri to do lots of things using your voice command. However, in fact, some Mac users don’t want to use the Siri service on their computer or they prefer using it on the iPhone/iPad. In this case, they may want to disable Siri on…


Know how to set up and use Finder Tags on Mac

Finder Tags does come in handy, as they help you organize your documents and files on your Mac into groups in a quick manner. This way, you can easily search for them from any Finder window you launch. And in this how to, we will walk you through the simple steps to set up and use Finder Tags on your…


Few easy steps and you are cleaned up with your Mac’s desktop

It’s undeniable that your Mac’s desktop serves as a convenient place to store and keep files to have quick access. However, putting tons of files and folders on the desktop will make it become cluttered and messy. In this case, it’s best to clean up your Mac’s desktop. Just use these tips to get it done. Steps to organize desktop…


Tips to use Finder on your Mac

When you first start your Mac, you should notice a special program called the Finder. If you are new to Mac, it’s a good idea to learn about how to use Finder so that you can find and organize your documents, media, folders, and other files on your Mac. And here’s how you can use Finder. Have a look. Read…


Tips to use the TV App for Apple TV

A brand new app, called TV will be added to the upcoming tvOS 10.1 update. The app will serve as an indispensable part in your Apple TV, as it delivers you a world of movies and TV shows. In this post, we will cover how to use the TV app for Apple TV. Read on. Steps to watch a show…


Tips to use Raise to Listen and Reply to Audio text in messages

Built right into iPhone, Raise to Listen is a useful feature that lets you listen and reply to audio messages with a simple gesture. You just need to bring your phone to your ear! This feature can also be used when checking voicemails. In this tutorial, we will be presenting to you how to use Raise to Listen and Reply…


How to block single or bulk Messages in iPhone

It’s inevitable that your iPhone gets with a bunch of spam messages from a mobile phone number, or bulk sender IDs every day. And if you have been looking for ways to fully block them, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps to block such bulk messages once and for all….


Know the tricks to detect shuffle and Repeat options in the iPhone Music App

If your iPhone is currently running on iOS 10, you may have noticed some changes to the Apple Music app. Though with the arrival of the new operating system update, the Music app comes with good design, and allows users to navigate through songs in the library more easily, it has several flaws. Well, this is true, as a number…


Using the Contacts App on Mac

The Contacts app plays an important part in every Mac, as it consists of addresses, phone numbers and even social media information of the one you know. In particular, if your Mac is running on macOS Sierra, then you can make a call or text someone right from a Contact’s card. Read Next: How to use the Force Touch Trackpad…

Restaurant Reservations

How to reserve a Dinner table using Apple Map

It must be noted that with the arrival of iOS 10, Apple has taken Apple Maps to a whole new level. The company has opened up the app to third-party developers so that it has the ability to wonderful things, such as calling an Uber, viewing reviews from Yelp, and especially making dinner reservations with OpenTable extension. And in this post,…


How to use the Force Touch Trackpad on Mac

The Force Touch Trackpad allows you to Force click by hard pressing on the trackpad. This offers you a shortcut to additional functionality within the app. In this post, we will cover how to set up and use Force Click on your Mac. Steps to turn Force Click on or off for the Mac Step 1: Open System Preferences on…


What’s Stickies and how to use it on your Mac

Added to every Mac since 1994, Stickies is a handy note taking app that helps you track the quick notes you jot down during the day. What’s a Stickie? Stickies notes are essentially digital Post-its. This special type of document window serves as a useful tool to remind yourself of something, so you will no longer worry about forgetting stuff….

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A brief on the top Touch Bar Apps for MacBook Pro

The Touch Bar that comes with the new MacBook Pro is really an amazing and unique feature. Mac users can use it for all manner of built-in apps; however, there will be an abundance of third-party apps that get the bulk of the Touch Bar. And in this post, we have compiled a list of 5 best apps with Touch…


Tips to enable the SIP (System Security Protection) App on your Mac

Included in OS X EI Capitan as a security feature, SIP (System Security Protection), aka “rootless mode” is responsible for protecting root-level files, directories, and processes from being modified. The feature should be enabled by default on any new Mac running El Cap, and of course, the current macOS Sierra. But in fact, many owners of the new MacBook Pro…