Here is how you can disable two-factor authentication for Apple ID

Two-factor authentication is a great feature that adds a new layer of security for your Apple ID. Basically, once you have enabled two-factor authentication, your account will be protected at the highest level of security. In other words, your private data can only be accessed on devices you trust like iPhone, iPad or Mac.  For many of us, this exciting…


Here is how to reset Notes password on iPhone or iPad

The ability to password-protect notes is one of the biggest changes in iOS 9.3. The new feature was met with a virtual round of applause from all iOS users. Basically, password-protecting notes means that you offer a secondary security layer for your items stored within the app. However, there are times when this new feature becomes a cause of annoyance…


How to fix Touch ID not working in the App Store problem

Touch ID is a great feature that adds a new level of security to your device. First introduced on the iPhone 5s back in 2013, Apple’s biometric reader has now become an essential part of all iPhone models. Like it or not, Touch ID is one of the most revolutionary technologies we have ever seen for the last few years….


Here is how to turn a Standard account into an Admin account on Mac OS X

Creating multiple Mac user accounts is really useful if someone else wants to use your computer, or simply if you want to create a different account for work. Remember that no matter how many new user accounts you create on your Mac, these are just standard accounts. Basically, a standard Mac user account allows its user to have access to…


Here is how you install and use WhatsApp on Mac

WhatsApp is a great app for iPhone and iPad users. Facebook-owned messaging app now has nearly one billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messaging services in the world. WhatsApp is now available for PC and Mac, which means that you now can enjoy the messaging experience right on your Mac. Basically, the desktop version of WhatsApp…


Here is how to add a website shortcut to the Dock on Mac

One of the best features of Mac OS X is the Dock, which contains all the running apps and also acts as a convenient place to access your favorite apps. Normally, the Dock is located at the bottom or side of your screen so you can see it every time you open your Mac. The Dock is really useful, as…


How to use Recovery Mode to restore Mac from a Time Machine backup

Time Machine is a great tool that allows you to back up all your files to an external drive so that you can restore them later. Restoring your Mac from Time Machine backup is pretty simple, and you can do this through the Recovery Mode on your Mac. Basically, Recovery Mode includes all the tools you need to fix errors…


How to watch Youtube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode in MacOS Sierra

Picture-in-Picture mode is one of most noticeable features for iPad in iOS 9. Basically, picture-in-picture mode allows iPad users to shrink video and continue watching and listening while using other apps. In reality, picture-in-picture mode is not a new concept, as it has existed on Android for quite some time. However, it is something that all Apple fans have been…


Here is how you install Windows 10 using on Mac with Boot Camp

MacOS has always been considered to be one of the most secure and well-updated operating systems in the world. Apple has always been adding new features and improvements to make its desktop OS more attractive. This year, Apple’s desktop operating system has got a brand new name, MacOS Sierra and comes with tons of promising features. However, no matter how…


How to fix iPhone not sending picture messages

The Messages is one of the most used apps on iPhone or iPad. One of the coolest things about owning an iOS device is that you can easily send photos, videos or messages using iMessages or the regular MMS. However, there are times when messages with photos don’t get sent or stuck “Sending”, and you will find it super annoying….


“iPhone is disabled”, here is how you fix it

iOS is considered as the most secure mobile operating system, as Apple sets up restrictions for its own OS. If you have just bought a new iPhone, one of the first things you should do is to secure your device with passcodes. The passcode is really useful as it helps protect your device from unauthorized access. However, there are times…


How to remove photos from iPhone via Image Capture on Mac

Last year, Apple released the new Photo app for Mac to replace iPhoto and Aperture. Basically, the new Photo app is a great addition to Mac, as it allows users to sync their full-quality photos and videos between devices. The best part is that the app works perfectly with iPhone and iPads, which means that you access and edit your…


How to install MacOS Sierra Public Beta on your Mac

At the WWDC 2016, Apple unveiled the next version of its desktop operating system, but this year, OS X comes with a brand new name, MacOS Sierra, bringing it in line with the rest of Apple’s platforms including iOS, WatchOS and tvOS. MacOS Sierra boasts a bunch of exciting new features. Specifically, MacOS Sierra marks the first time Apple’s virtual…


How to migrate web data from a third-party web browser to Safari on Mac

Like it or not, Apple’s Safari has always been your priority when it comes to MacOS X because it is faster and more energy efficient than other web browsers. Apple has always been adding new features and improvements to its web browser an attempt to encourage its users to use Safari. Therefore, it is no-brainer Safari includes a feature that…