Why Businesses Need to Invest Heavily in Mobile Apps

According to analytics firm Distimo, 91% of the world’s top brands have their own mobile apps. Disney has more than 600 apps to its name, Sony has over 200 apps, and the average amount of apps to each major company’s name is 15. It seems that in order to compete in the bustling business world, you need an app to succeed.

But face value and ‘you should have an app just because all of the top brands have one’ are not the only reasons why your business should invest time and resources into building a better mobile app. There are several other positive reasons why you should embrace the world of mobile with open arms.

There is Huge Competition in Gaming Apps

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Building a better mobile app is especially important if you’re in the gaming sector. It seems as though every single game genre has tons of competition. Pokemon GO, the multi-billion dollar earning AR app from developer Niantic has found competition from games such as Garfield GO and Draconius GO. There are plenty of varieties of Tetris, many called some variation of “block puzzle,” there are plenty of apps to the play the lottery and these are varied in the ways that they allow players to win millions on scratch cards and lottery tickets, and Bubble Witch Saga has rivals like the inventively titled Bubble Bust, Bubble Shooter, and Shoot Bubble Deluxe. 

With this in mind, game developers and companies will have to do a lot more to stand out and captivate an audience that is constantly being distracted by other, competing titles. Consider what unique features the game has and what sets it apart from its rivals; if your game doesn’t have that, invest in that specifically.

Engage Players and Customers for Longer


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As mentioned above, there is huge competition from other apps. But these things are not the only things distracting your players, customers, and clients. Their work, their families and their other forms of entertainment (whether that be TV shows or games on other devices) are all making plays for their time, potentially leaving them with very little time to spend on your app. The average British attention span is just 14 minutes, according to a Skipton Building Society study.

That’s why it’s all the more important to invest in the customer experience, considering how they feel when they use your mobile apps and thinking of ways to engage and enthrall them, rather than ways to just get them to dip into their wallets. Can you make your game easier or introduce more enjoyable gameplay mechanics? Could you offer more information (instead of plain sales copy) to prevent your customers from feeling frustrated? The knowledge that you care enough to invest time and money will get them to make your app a priority.

Mobile Apps Help You Access New Customers

The information above is useful to hold on to existing customers but it’s important to note that all of this can actually help your business to grow. New customers flock to your app through word of mouth and social proof (e.g. positive reviews on the App Store) and making a good app will encourage them to trust you and even care about your game or your brand. But that can only happen if you invest resources into making a quality app.

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