macOS Mojave: All new and hidden features


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference event officially kicked off in San Jose, California. WWDC is one of the biggest tech events of the year, where Apple is expected to show off what’s best in terms of software. The company hardly unveils new hardware products at the event, but we are still expecting something new at this year’s event, like an affordable HomePod, a new iPhone SE, and a 3rd gen Apple Watch.

At the Keynote event, Apple officially announced macOS Mojave, the next generation macOS operating system following months of endless rumors. Basically, macOS Mojave is a huge upgrade over its predecessor and receives a wide welcome from users. Last year, Apple debuted macOS High Sierra, with some slight changes and we were expecting something special from Apple this year.

In the section below, we have created a list of the best features in macOS Mojave. Before we begin, Apple has begun rolling out the beta of macOS Mojave to developers for testing purposes. Users with Apple developer accounts can get the update now. Keep in mind that macOS Mojave is still in early stages, so it may include bugs and errors.

  1. Dark mode and Dynamic Desktop

Mac owners had been dying for an official dark mode for a long time. Last year, Apple secretly added a dark mode to iOS 11, called Smart Inverts. However, the feature only inverts the user interface, meaning that images and app icons remain in their original form. Basically, Smart Inverts feature satisfies users’ dark mode needs until an official feature launches.

In macOS Mojave, you will get a full dark mode. Once enabled, the feature will turn both the system theme and system apps to a dark theme. The coolest part is that third-party developers are updating their apps to support a new dark mode.

macOS Mojave also introduces a new feature called Dynamic Desktop, which automatically adjusts the desktop wallpapers to match with the time of day.

  1. A redesigned Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is a gathering place where you can find all types of apps and services. First introduced back in 2011, the Mac App Store quickly became a reliable digital store for downloading and purchasing apps on your Mac. However, the Mac App Store is falling behind its iOS counterpart as it only gets slight updates.

Thankfully, things have changed this year. With macOS Mojave, Apple has revamped the Mac App Store, making it more visually appealing and intuitive. There is a new Discover tab that allows you to discover new apps every week. Besides, macOS Mojave also introduces dedicated tabs for Work, Play, Create and Develop to help users find their favorite apps.

In reality, the Mac App Store’s design is similar to that of iOS 11’s App Store. This matches with what we heard in previous rumors that Apple has been working on an iOS 11-like Mac App Store for months.

According to Apple, Microsoft’s Office Suite will make its debut in the Mac App Store in the coming months. Apple’s move receives a wide welcome from users worldwide as Apple’s iWork lacks some advanced features. Apple says that there will be more exciting apps coming on the Mac App Store this year.

  1. iOS apps for Mac

Last month, rumors suggested that a lot of iOS apps would make their way to the Mac App Store this year. With macOS Mojave update, Apple introduces desktop versions of a number of iOS apps, including Voice Memos, Home, News, and Stocks. According to Apple, the company is offering frameworks for developers to bring their iOS apps to macOS Mojave.

Besides, the Stacks app now has its desktop version, allowing users to clean up the mess on your desktop. Basically, the feature automatically groups files into folders based on types, dates, and tags. The Finder also gets a new Gallery View that allows users to preview files, ranging from images to presentations.

  1. Group FaceTime calling

FaceTime is one of the highlights of Apple devices. With iOS 12, Apple debuted Group FaceTime calling feature, following months of endless rumors. Luckily, macOS Mojave gets the feature too. The feature allows up to 32 people to take part in a conversation, which is pretty impressive.

Group FaceTime calling is widely welcomed by users and tech experts out there. The feature serves a perfect tool for users who are looking for a Skype replacement. Users can also use Animoji, stickers, and Memoji during their FaceTime calls.

macOS Mojave is now in beta stages. The final build of macOS Mojave will make its debut in September alongside Apple’s new iPhone models.

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