iPhone 2019: Speculation and Rumours Abound

triple camera sensor setup expected on 2019 iPhone

We are barely into January and yet here we are again reading about what Apple could have in store in 2019 with its new phone, and this year the first round of speculation is pretty interesting if not a little bizarre.

Of course, we know that Apple won’t actually announce the new handset until this September, but those rumours are beginning and if you are a lover of the iPhone it’s very difficult not to get drawn in.

What is making this year’s speculations different from other years is the feature of a huge camera array on the back of the device which includes, believe it or not, three full lenses set in a large bump coming off the back, together with a flash.

These three cameras are said to be arranged in a triangle with the flash situated at the side.

Having this bump would definitely cause issues for some Apple users who have previously complained about the modern iPhones already having small hills sticking out of their back so a large bump will not be appreciated.

Its long been rumoured that three lenses could be in the pipeline for future models of the iPhone, but it’s strange to think that anyone would expect them to be arranged in such a way, although using three lenses would allow even more light and colour to be captured.

Another really interesting thought is that this particular arrangement might just allow the phone to see in 3D which means that the device could potentially be used for augmented reality or for taking 3D photographs.

For those that do not use an iPhone all these speculations and rumours that will deluge the internet over the next month might confuse, but the simple answer to this is that if you are a fan and have bought into Apple all of this is part of the excitement over a new device.

It seems incredible that it was only 12 years or so that the very first iPhone was introduced to the general public, especially as you begin to consider how far software and the devices themselves have advanced.

We have actually come to rely on our smartphones for far more than keeping contact with each other.  We carry out many tasks that would have eaten into our busy days making the smartphone the essential piece of kit to own.

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