iPad Pro (2018): Rumors, release date, and features


Apple iPad is among the best tablets on the market. iPad lineup has come a long way since the day one, and Apple never stops improving its iPad series in an attempt to take on competitors out there. Last year, Apple poured a lot of love into its iPad models by launching iOS 11 to the public.

Specifically, iOS 11 adds a number of improvements and exciting things to Apple’s lineup of tablets. One such thing lies in the Files app, a handy feature that gathers all of your files, documents and videos in one place that’s only accessible to you. The coolest part is that the Files app provides you with access to the files stored in third-party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Apple is expected to announce new iPad models this year. In reality, the Cupertino firm debuted a new 9.7 inch iPad at its education event in March. The iPad replaces the Air 2 on the market and targets mainly schools. For pro users, they are expecting something with greater power this year.

Sources say that Apple will announce a new iPad Pro this year. For some background, the iPad Pro is among the most powerful tablets on the market. The Pro lineup is widely welcome, with praise directed at its specs and exclusive features. However, the Pro has not seen a major hardware upgrade for more than one year. And, we are expecting to see the unveiling of a new Pro this year.

In the section below, we have rounded up everything we know so far about the next iPad Pro. For some background, sources say that Apple will announce a new iPad Pro at this year’ September event. This comes as a surprise seeing that the September event belongs to iPhone models.

  1. Design

Apple’s iPad lineup has not seen an overhauled design for years. Instead, the Cupertino firm mainly focuses on the hardware upgrade. Sources say that Apple has been working on a new design for future iPad models. That means that you need to wait a little bit longer to see it.

Reports claim that this year’s iPad Pro will retain the same design from the last year’s model. However, the tablet will include smaller bezels and mark the removal of physical buttons. Last year, Apple removes the physical buttons from the iPhone X to pave the way for new navigation gestures.

Sources claim that this year’s iPad Pro will come in two screen sizes. Specifically, the smaller device will sport an 11-inch display, while the bigger one will retain its 12.9-inch screen at launch. Besides, Apple will remove the headphone jack from its iPad lineup this year, instead, adopting the Lighting connector, just like its iPhone models. If this is the case, the upcoming iPad will be much thinner than its predecessors.

  1. Features

Sources claim that Apple has been working on new features for its iPad. One such feature is 3D Touch, which is exclusive to iPhone models. In reality, 3D Touch allows users to access Quick Actions from the home screen. 3D Touch was first introduced alongside iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and considered as one of the most innovative features.

We are expecting a wider rollout of the feature this year. Reports claim that Apple will bring 3D Touch to its iPad lineup. In reality, Apple is planning to remove 3D Touch technology from its future iPhone models. Tech experts say that Apple has been working on a new screen technology for its iPhone and will take 3D Touch away as a selling point of iPad lineup.

Besides, the upcoming iPad will include support for Apple Pencil. In reality, Apple Pencil was once the highlights of the Pro lineup, but Apple expanded it to its new 9.7 inch iPad in March. Tech experts say that the new iPad Pro will support Smart Keyboard accessory, allowing for a better typing experience.

Rumors say that we might see Face ID on this year’s iPad models. Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that allows you to unlock your device with a glance. Sources claim that all future iPhone models will feature Face ID, but Apple still has a lot of work to do to improve it.

  1. Specs

This year’s iPad Pro is expected to come with Apple’s latest mobile chip at launch. This makes sense as the Pro is mainly aimed at advanced users on the market. Sources claim that the upcoming iPad Pro will feature Apple’s A12X chip, allowing for a better performance. Besides, the device will have 4GB of RAM for a better multitasking.

When it comes to the display, the new iPad Pro will sport an AMOLED panel. However, tech experts say that this year’s iPad Pro will stick to LCD screens this year as Apple needs more time to work on its new screen technology.

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