How to fix an iPhone that won’t update apps


One of the coolest things when it comes to Apple’s mobile operating system lies in its App Store. In reality, there is a barrage of apps released for iPhone and iPad every day, from games to services and fitness apps. However, there are times when iPhone apps become a cause of annoyance as they fail to work. In this case, a lot of users have reported that their iPhone apps won’t update.

In reality, there could be any reason for why your iPhone apps won’t update, from outdated software update to poor internet connection and App Store not working. If you are one of those who has been affected by the issue, then we have you covered.

In this step-by-step guide, we are going to show you the steps on how to fix an iPhone that won’t update apps. Before going any further, we recommend you reboot your device. If you now own an iPhone X or later, then the method used to reboot your device is slightly different than past iPhone models.

  1. Make sure you are using the right Apple ID

Apple ID is an essential part of your iPhone and iPad. If you cannot update apps on your iPhone, then check if you are using the right Apple ID. In reality, apps are tied to your Apple ID, so if you have multiple Apple ID accounts at the same time, then select the one with apps you wish to update.

To do this, open App Store on your iPhone, then tap Updates and tap your picture in the top right corner. After that, tap Purchased and you should see a list of apps you downloaded to your iPhone. Find your apps and update them. If your apps are not listed, then select another Apple ID account and check if the problem is fixed.

  1. Turn off Restrictions

The Restrictions feature has been around for years, allowing iPhone owners to disable certain features of their device. This is pretty useful if you frequently hand your iPhone to your kids. In this case, keeping Restrictions enabled may cause your apps to malfunction.

To turn it off, open the Settings app from your home screen, then tap General and hit Restrictions (you may be asked to enter the passcode to confirm your action). From here, make sure you turn on the switch for Installing Apps. If the problem still persists, then restart your iPhone and repeat the above process.

  1. Sign out of the App Store and sign back in

There are times when the App Store fails to work properly, resulting in apps not updating issue. All you need to do is to sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. To do this, launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select iTunes & App Store and tap Apple ID. After that, tap Sign Out from the pop-up menu and sign back in.

If the problem is still present, then make sure you have enough space on your iPhone. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > About and you should see how much storage you have got left on your iPhone.

Besides, you can check how much storage an app is taking up by going to Settings > General > Storage. If you are now running low on storage, then uninstall some apps you no longer use or offload them to free up some space.

  1. Delete and re-install apps

If your apps won’t update, then try uninstalling it and then re-install it. Deleting iPhone apps is usually as simple as tapping a few buttons. To do this, tap and hold the app icon until it starts jiggling, then tap on the X icon on the top left corner and tap Delete. You will be asked to remove app data from iCloud or Game Center.

If the problem still persists, then try clearing the App Store cache. To do this, open the App Store app on your iPhone, and then tap any of the icons at the bottom ten times. Once you do it, your app restarts and your cache is clear.

  1. Reset all settings

If none of the above solutions works for you, the last hope for success is to reset all settings. Following this method, all of your current settings will be reset to their default state. To do this, open the Settings app, then hit General and tap Reset. Now just simply tap Reset All Settings and confirm your action.

This is how to fix an iPhone that won’t update apps. Hopefully, our solutions work for you. If you have got any issues during the process, let us know in the comments below.


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