Google Pixel smartwatch: Everything we know so far

Back in 2013, Google first debuted its Pixel phone following months of rumors and reports. The pair quickly gained popularity among users worldwide, thanks to their innovative features and excellent camera performance. Both devices hit the top spot in the smartphone marker, with millions of units sold every quarter.

In 2017, Google announced the second generation of Pixel phones. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL followed in the huge success of the original devices on the market. With Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google retains what we have loved about the first models while adding a lot of new things.

Sources say that Google is planning to expand the Pixel branding on the market. According to reports, Google will launch a Pixel smartwatch. This goes in line with what we heard in previous rumors that Google has been working on a new smartwatch that runs Android Wear OS. In reality, Android Wear OS is falling behind Apple watchOS on the market. Apple Watch with LTE now dominates the market with millions of units sold.

Rumors regarding the Google Pixel smartwatch have been out there for a couple of months, giving us a preview of what’s coming in Google’s watch. With that in mind, we have gathered everything we hear so far about the Google Pixel smartwatch.

  1. 3 new Pixel smartwatches

Sources say that Google has been working on three new Pixel smartwatches. And, the biggest search engine is now ready to announce them this year. Tech experts claim that Google will debut all three new Pixel-branded smartphones later this year. Google’s aim to attract customers during this year’s shopping holiday season.

Back in 2016, Apple Watch was the hottest item during New Year’s holiday season, as Apple offered big discounts for its watch. It seems that Google wants to do the same this year. Some reports claim that Pixel smartwatches will come in three different screen sizes or three versions.

Sources say the Google will unveil a Pixel-branded Watch with LTE connectivity. Last year, Apple first debuted its Watch with cellular functionality, which was a wise move on Apple’s part.

  1. Software

Google has its own smartwatch operating system called Wear OS. The search engine has been improving its wearable OS since the launch day. However, it still lacks some exciting features, which prevents it from getting the perfect score.

At this year’s I/O event, Google debuted a number of new features that will come to Wear OS this year. This includes a much-improved Google Assistant integration and a better fitness support. Google promises to release new updates to its Wear OS on a semi-regular basis to improve the user experience.

Wear OS is getting better and smarter every year. Google is facing a lot of competition in the market. Samsung’s Tizen, which powers the current Gear S smartwatches, has been out there for years. It seems that Google does not want to get left behind in the fight out there.

  1. Health and fitness features

Both Apple and Samsung have been working on fitness features for their smartwatches. The Apple Watch 3 marks Apple’s huge focus on health and fitness features. Sources say the upcoming Pixel smartwatches will come with a number of health features like the ability to measure blood pressure or show calories burned.

Besides, the device will include a new monitor system that will allow you to monitor your heart rate or footsteps with your smartwatch.

  1. Qualcomm hardware

Qualcomm is showing the world that the company is more than just a mobile chipset. The American firm has been working on a new chipset for smartwatches on the market. Reports claim that the upcoming Pixel Watch will feature Qualcomm’s new smartwatch chipset called Snapdragon Wear 3100 at launch.

Sources say that the new chipset will favor a better Google Assistant integration and fitness features. Besides, the chipset will allow for smooth, fast performance and better battery life.

  1. Release date

It remains unknown when Google Pixel smartwatches will launch to the public. According to rumors, all three new Pixel watches will be announced in October, with shipments set for November. With November release, Google will compete directly with the next generation Apple Watch and Gear S4.

When it comes to pricing, the new smartwatch will belong to the premium segment. This means that it won’t come cheap this year. However, there is a good chance that Pixel smartwatches will be less expensive than the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear S Watches.

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