Mac OS X


Steps to reset a password on macOS Sierra

Password protecting a Mac is one of the best things you need to do to keep your computer from prying eyes. If you are one of those who frequently hand your Mac to other people or you simply forgot your admin user account password, you will probably want to reset the password on your computer to make sure that everything…

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Steps to post photos to Instagram from your Mac

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app in the world. Facebook-owned service allows you to share your photos and live stream your content. However, like or not, you always go to your smartphone every time you want to post a photo to Instagram. Luckily, things have changed. Earlier this month, Facebook-owned photo sharing app rolled out a new feature that…


Steps to resend a message in the Messages app for Mac

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you cannot send a message in the Messages app on your Mac? If you have, well you are not the only one. In reality, at times the Messages app for Mac becomes a cause of annoyance, as it fails to send a message correctly, forcing you to force quit the app…


Steps to mute an embedded video in the Messages app for iOS and macOS

Embedded video playing is one of the most exciting things when it comes to Messages app for iOS and macOS. Basically, when you receive a video link within the Messages app on your iPhone or Mac, the video will automatically play right within your message conversation without the need to open it in a media player or web browser on…


Steps to enable screen lock button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models are changing a lot of things we have grown accustomed to in macOS. In this case, you cannot use the lock screen keyboard shortcuts to enable the lock screen ability on the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot lock your Mac screen. If you now have…


Steps to disable all Safari browser plug-ins on your Mac

Like other web browsers out there, Safari for Mac includes the ability to run third-party plug-ins like Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader and other tools. Basically, these plug-ins add additional functionality and services to Apple’s web browser. However, third-party plug-ins may lead to app instability and security problems. If you barely use services that require third-party plug-ins in Safari, you…


Check out how you can turn off extensions in Safari on Mac

Safari on Mac now allows you to install third-party extensions to enhance user experience. You now can share your webpages on social medial feeds, take notes and interact with apps right without switching apps. For some users, Safari extensions can be pretty useful. Others, on the other hand, find them annoying. If you happen to sit in the latter group,…


Steps to search photos on your Mac

Apple’s Photos for Mac offers you a speedy and functional way to edit, manage and share your images. However, there is a lesser known feature called Search that’s embedded in the Photos app for Mac. Basically, the feature allows you to search for objects, descriptions of locations, places and beings in photos on your Mac. The Search feature might not…


Steps to change the Sent From email address in the Mail app for Mac

If you now have multiple email accounts on your Mac, well you are not alone out there. Normally, you can set an email address as default on your Mac, meaning that all emails sent from your side will come from your default email address. However, there are times when you want to use a different email you have already set…


Steps to enable Restricted Mode on YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing network out there. Basically, Google-owned service allows you to watch and upload videos, and follow other users. There are tons of videos and TV shows that hit YouTube every day, but not all of them are appropriate for most users. In reality, there is some YouTube content that may be offensive or sexual…


Here is how you can print to PDF on your Mac

The Print to PDF feature has been available on iOS and macOS for a while. As the name suggests, the feature allows you to print almost anything to a PDF file on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. If you are one of those who frequently work with PDF files, printing documents or webpages to PDF is one of the smartest…


Steps to show filename extensions in macOS Sierra

Have you ever wondered where your file extensions are on your Mac? If you have, well you are not the only one, as it seems that a lot of macOS users are asking the same question. In reality, filename extensions are disabled by default on Mac. Normally, a file extension is shown at the end of the file. Moreover, enabling…


Steps to record a movie in iMovie on your Mac

Have you ever wondered if you can record a movie on your Mac and import it into the iMovie app? If you have, well you are not alone out there, as it seems that a lot of users are asking the same question. In reality, macOS allows you to record a movie using your Mac’s built-in camera app without the…


Steps to clean caches and temporary files on your Mac

There are millions of Mac users out there, but not all of them remember to clean caches and temporary files from their computers. Caches and temporary files increase in size every time you browse the web, or send messages to someone else on your Mac. Over time, they can take up a large storage space and slow down your device….


Steps to change the default email client on your Mac

The stock Mail app for Mac is a great email client that meets perfectly users’ daily mailing demands. However, if you are looking for something a little more feature-rich for your mailing tasks, there are tons of third-party apps out there to pick from such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. In reality, macOS allows you to easily change the…