Mac OS X

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2018: Everything we know so far

MacBook lineup of laptops is a great success on the market with millions of units sold every quarter. Despite small design changes, new MacBook laptops come with a slew of under-the-hood improvements. In July, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro series by introducing two models with eighth-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ Intel processors and T2 controller chip. However, 2018 MacBook Pro models received…

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A Comprehensive Parental Control Solution for Enhanced Child Safety

The subject of parental control in the digital context is a complex one with many nuances. Fortunately, the technology side of the equation is not as nuanced as other considerations, such as what your child might feel about being monitored so closely. From a technology perspective, however, there are several robust solutions for monitoring your child’s online activities, and the…

macOS Mojave

The most common macOS Mojave problems and how to fix them (Part 2)

macOS Mojave is shaping to be the best macOS version ever released to the public, retaining what we have loved about macOS in recent years while adding a slew of improvements to the OS. The successor to macOS High Sierra is promising major upgrades through improved performance and innovative features. macOS Mojave is now available worldwide and supports a wide…

macOS Mojave

Having problems with macOS Mojave? Here is the fix

macOS is an advanced desktop operating system that fuels hundreds of millions of Mac devices on the market. macOS is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Windows and tends to get better and smarter every year. Apple’s macOS operating system has been through a number of major software updates since the launch day. Back in 2016, Apple unveiled macOS Sierra, the biggest…


5 best tips to speed up your Mac

Apple MacBook is one of the most desired laptops on the market. Apple MacBook lineup has not seen a major design change in recent years as Apple focuses on hardware improvements. Back in July, the Cupertino firm announced a refresh to its MacBook Pro lineup with the addition of eighth-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ Intel processors and better Touch Bar. However, 2018…

macOS Mojave

The best tips and tricks for macOS Mojave you should know about

Apple’s macOS is one of the most advanced desktops operating systems out there. macOS has been around for more than a decade and powers hundreds of millions of Mac devices. Apple’s desktop OS tends to get better every year when the Cupertino firm announces new software updates. This year, macOS Mojave took the center stage at Apple’s WWDC event alongside…


How to Do a Fast Memory Card Recovery on a Mac Computer

Finding a good memory card recovery software for Mac isn’t that easy, but there is one memory card recovery tool that’s really worth your time: Recoverit. Created by the crack development team at Wondershare, Recoverit is among the best SD card recovery software that you will find on the market. The Recoverit data recovery software is user-friendly and intuitive, and does not require…

macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave finally here: Everything you need to know about Apple’s new macOS version

Apple MacBook is one of the best laptops on the market. One of the best things when it comes to Apple’s MacBook lineup lies in its performance stability. Specifically, Apple’s MacBook does not tend to slow down over time mainly thanks to its optimized hardware and software. Apple has been improving macOS since the launch day, adding new features and…

macOS Mojave

The best macOS Mojave tips and tricks you should know about

macOS is one of the most advanced desktop operating systems out there. Apple has been busy improving macOS for years in an attempt to fix bugs and errors as well as add new features to the operating system. macOS has been through a lot of software updates since the launch day, and it is now smarter and better than before….


How to fix Bluetooth connection problems on your Mac

Apple MacBook is among the best laptops you can buy right now on the market. Apple is selling millions of MacBook units every year, but the company’s MacBook lineup is falling behind Windows-based PCs out there. Apple has a lot of work to do to reclaim some lost market ground. In July, Apple announced a refresh to its MacBook Pro…


Use Your Browser to Review Every Mac OS X Version, Courtesy 512 Pixels

512 Pixels is arguably one of the largest Apple-centric online photo libraries in the world, and certainly one of the most popular. As part of their massive collection of images, the Aqua Screenshot Library features an epic journey through the annals of time from the first Mac OS X to the most current version. You can visually see how Apple’s…

Apple Music

How to watch a music video in Apple Music for your iPhone and iPad

Apple Music is one of the most popular music-streaming services on the market. Back in 2015, Apple took its first steps into the music-streaming market where it would compete directly with Spotify. Apple Music now has its own market ground out there, with more than 50 million paying subscribers worldwide. Apple has been improving its music-streaming service since the launch…