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The best new features in macOS High Sierra

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially introduced macOS High Sierra, the newest macOS update. macOS High Sierra is not a huge software update, as it only comes with small changes and improvements. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth our attention. macOS High Sierra includes a lot of little things that add up to a better user experience….

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How to set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID

Apple iPhone has always been top target for thieves, mainly due to its high price tag. Apple is fully aware of that and the Cupertino company has been rolling out new features in an attempt to encourage iPhone owners to keep a closer eyes on their valuables. One such feature is two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is not something new out…


How to reset the password of a macOS administrator account

Like Windows, Apple’s macOS requires an administrator account, so Mac owners can take full control of their device. With an administrator account, you can do everything on your machine, like changing the system settings, installing software, and much more. An administrator account is extremely important for any Mac owner, so it could a nightmare if you ever forget your Mac’s…


How to fix Time Machine backup volume is read only problem

Apple MacBook offers a high level of performance ranging from watching high-res videos to handing heavy tasks. However, that doesn’t mean that everything runs smoothly. Things sometimes go wrong; your Mac’s hard drive fails and you lose your irreplaceable photos. Apple is fully aware of that, so the Cupertino company built a back-up feature into its macOS, called Time Machine….


5 best apps for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Back in 2016, Apple announced a significant update to its MacBook Pro lineup of laptops. The 2016 MacBook Pro was much thinner and more powerful than its predecessors, making it a compelling machine. However, what sets the 2016 MacBook Pro apart from its competitors lies in a brand new Touch Bar, which sits at the top of the keyboard and…


How to remove malware on your Mac

Apple Macs offer a high level of security, mainly thanks to Apple’s endless effort to tighten the grip on its operating system. However, there are exceptions to everything. If you have recently noticed that your Mac is acting weird, there is a good chance that your Mac is malware-infected. In reality, Macs are not something that’s vulnerable to malware attacks…


How to download and install Microsoft OneDrive on macOS

Microsoft OneDrive is among the best cloud-storage services out there. Like any other competitors on the market, OneDrive allows its subscribers to store files and personal data like documents, photos, videos, and more. One of the best thing about OneDrive lies in its ability to work with multiple platforms, thereby allowing users to easily store their personal files or data….


How to fix an unresponsive Mac

Apple Mac offers consistently high-level performance, which is why we all love Macs. However, there are exceptions to everything. There are times when we encounter unexpected bugs and glitches while browsing the web or playing around with apps. A lot of Mac owners have reported that their Mac becomes unresponsive or apps are not responding, forcing them to force quit…


Three reasons why you need to get rid of MacKeeper

MacKeeper has been the most controversial cleaning tool out there in recent years, with most claiming that it is just a scam. However, MacKeeper has received mostly positive reviews from tech experts, mainly because of its intuitive and easy-to-use design. Many Mac users are wondering if their Macs really need tools like MacKeeper to improve the performance. However, keep in…


Top 5 macOS High Sierra tips and tricks

This year, Apple has added the word “High” to its new version of macOS. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing major is changing. With macOS High Sierra, Apple has improved a lot of things in macOS Sierra, while introducing some small addition to the operating system. macOS High Sierra comes with a lot of little things that add up to…


How to reset forgotten macOS password

Apple MacBook is not a machine that is vulnerable to malware and hackers, but there are reasons to still password-protect your Mac. Password-protecting your Mac is one of the smartest things to do to keep your personal files away from the prying eyes. However, have you ever wonder if you can regain access to your Mac even when you have…


2017 MacBook Pro review: The best MacBook Pro to date

Last year, Apple launched a significant update to its MacBook Pro lineup of laptops with the introduction of Touch Bar, a multi-touch OLED display panel that sits at the top of the keyboard and adapts to what you are doing. This year, the Cupertino Company refreshed the MacBook Pro again with Kaby Lake processors and new GPUs. 2017 MacBook Pro…


Here is how you can set up parental controls on your Mac

Sharing your Mac with other members of your family serves as the best way to access family photos, videos, albums and even shopping lists, without the need for a nearby iPhone or iPad. While this is pretty convenient, one major drawback is that your children can access your personal data on a shared Mac. Fortunately, macOS allows you to set…


Steps to send and receive text messages on your Mac

Have you ever wondered if you can send and receive text messages on your Mac? Well, you are not alone, as it seems that a lot of Mac owners are asking the same question. macOS strives to improve every year with the introduction of new features and changes, making your daily tasks better. This year, Apple introduces macOS High Sierra,…


Steps to sync Android to Mac

Have you ever wondered if you can sync some information between your Android phone and your Mac? Well, you are not alone out there, as it seems that a lot of Mac users are asking the same question. In reality, Apple doesn’t want you to get your files from your Mac to Android smartphone, but with some simple tricks, you…