The best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max features you should know about


It’s been more than 10 years since Apple first debuted its iPhone models. The original iPhone was widely welcomed, with most critics praising its premium design and innovative features. Apple iPhone has changed so much since the day one as it is now bigger and smarter.

Back in 2014, Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which marked Apple’s shift from 4.5 inch iPhone to bigger-screened smartphones. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus quickly set a sales record with 10 million units sold during the first three days of availability. Last year, Apple celebrated the 10th birthday of its iPhone with the introduction of the iPhone X. In reality, the iPhone X includes a barrage of new things ranging from Face ID and OLED display to glass-back design and top notch. Apple claims that the X is the most popular iPhone on the market. Indeed, the Cupertino firm shipped more than 16 million iPhone X units in the first quarter of 2018.

2018 iPhone models are expected to follow in the footsteps of the X. We have heard a lot rumors regarding this year’s iPhones, hinting at the impressive features and changes coming into 2018 iPhone models. According to sources, this year’s iPhones are shaping to be giant hits for Apple, retaining what we have loved about 2017 models while adding a slew of improvements. At this year’s September event, Apple finally unveiled new iPhone models, including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Basically, this year’s iPhone models do not bring in an overhauled design as Apple mainly focuses on hardware improvements. However, there are a lot of new things that are worth the upgrade.

In the section below, we have created a list of the best features of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. For some background, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available for pre-orders on September 14 and will ship worldwide on September 21. However, the iPhone XR’s release is slightly delayed compared to its siblings. Specifically, you can pre-order the XR starting on October 19 with delivery expected to arrive on October 26.

  1. A 6.5-inch OLED display

At this year’s event, Apple announced the iPhone XS Max after months of rumors and leaks. The XS Max marks the first iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED display. This did not come as a surprise as we heard a lot of rumors regarding this year’s iPhone models prior to the official announcement.

Basically, the iPhone XS Max retains the same display technology from the last year’s iPhone X. However, the device packs with a slightly higher resolution, while producing the same pixel density. The XS Max features an OLED panel which supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10, allowing for better picture quality and more details. In short, the display on the iPhone XS Max offers an exceptional experience for any user ranging from watching videos to playing heavy-graphics games.

  1.  A12 Bionic chip

Apple has its own lineup of mobile chips and the company is trying to make the most of them. Sources claim that TMSC, one of the world’s biggest mobile chip manufacturers, will be providing Apple with A-series chips for future iPhone models until 2023. This year’s iPhone models are powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chips. According to Apple, the A12 Bionic is one of the most powerful chips on the market, offering 50 percent faster performance when compared to the A11 Bionic inside the iPhone X.

The coolest part is that the A12 Bionic is the first mobile chipset that’s built using a 7nm process. This is something big brands like Intel or Qualcomm have been after for years. Tech experts claim that Apple is having its upper hand over chip makers out there in terms of chip technologies. In reality, the Apple’s A12 Bionic chip features a 4-Core GPU and a 6-core CPU as well as Apple’s Neural Engine, allowing for a huge boost in performance and better AR apps. The A12 Bionic chip is coupled with 4GB of RAM, which allows the device to perform better multitasking.

  1. Smart HDR

HDR is not new out there as it has been part of smartphones and TVs for years. This year, Apple is finally adding smart HDR support to the cameras on its phones. In reality, both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature a dual-camera setup with two 12MP snappers at the rear. However, Apple improved the sensors, allowing for better low-light imagining performance. With Smart HDR support, you will be able to snap photos in any condition. Basically, when you hit the shutter button, your phone captures multiple photos, then analyzes them and combine the best portions of each to produce an enhanced-quality photo.

  1. Faster Face ID

Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that unlocks your phone with a simple glance. Face ID is exclusive to the iPhone X, but it has its own issues. A number of iPhone owners have reported that Face ID becomes unstable and unresponsive. Fortunately, Apple has been working on improving Face ID since the day one. With this year’s iPhone models, Face ID is now faster and smoother, mainly thanks to Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. Sources claim that Apple will add more skills to Face ID in the coming months.

  1. Better battery life

iPhone’s battery life is among Apple’s main concerns. Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that the company was deliberately slowing down older iPhone models due to aging batteries. This year, Apple boosts the battery life on its iPhone lineup, giving you more time to interact with apps and services. According to Apple, the iPhone XS Max will last 90 minutes longer than the current iPhone X. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than the X. In short, this year’s iPhone models are not a significant upgrade over their predecessors. However, they come with a lot of new things we have been expecting to see for years.

What do you think of this year’s iPhone models? Let us know in the comments below.


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