Apple to set up a new iPhone manufacturing plant in India in 2019


Apple iPhone is showing signs of a slowdown, but Apple is still selling millions of iPhone units every quarter. Sources say that there is still a high demand for older iPhone models on the market. Earlier this month, sources said that Apple would resume production of older models at its manufacturing plant.

According to reports, Apple is planning something special to boost its iPhone sales in 2019. One such thing is that it will set up a new iPhone manufacturing plant in India. In reality, the Indian smartphone market is showing a huge potential, which attracts a lot of investors out there. Big names like Samsung and Huawei are contesting for ground in India, while Apple is struggling to sell its phones in the country.

Tech experts claim that Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi now dominate the Indian market thanks to their cheaper phones. In October, Apple brought its iPhone XR to India in an attempt to boost its sales. And the phone received a wide welcome, but the demand for the XR is now low. Sources claim that Foxconn, one of Apple’s long-term partners, will be assembling iPhones in India in 2019. If this is the case, we may see a slight drop in iPhone price next year as Apple saves transportation costs. In reality, Apple iPhone is one of the hottest items in India as the iPhone SE was the best-selling phone in the country in 2016.

In reality, older iPhone models like iPhone 6s and iPhone SE were manufactured in India, but Apple is planning to set up a huge facility in India to work on future projects. Sources say that Apple is gathering a team to work on its own modem chips for future iPhones. The Cupertino firm now relies on Intel for modem chips following the legal battle with Qualcomm. The American chipmaker is accusing Apple of violating some of its patents. Last month, a Chinese court ordered a ban on Apple iPhone in the country. Apple dealt with iPhone sales ban by releasing new iOS update to all iPhones in China. Apple is expecting to ship more iPhones in China in 2019 to take on local smartphone markers.

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