Apple launches iPhone XS and iPhone XR trade-in program in China


Apple iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market. Every year, Apple releases new iPhone models with new features and changes. This year, the Cupertino firm announced the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR after months of leaks and speculation. The 2018 iPhone lineup is not a significant upgrade, but there are still a number of new things like a bigger screen, better camera, and improved design.

Apple has been improving its iPhone series since release, making it more useful and smarter. In 2017, Apple celebrated the 10th birthday of its iPhone with the introduction of the iPhone X. The X had some daring changes ranging from an OLED display to Face ID security measure. The X was a huge success on the market, paving the way for more innovative models.

The Cupertino firm has been busy bringing its iPhones closer to customers on the market. Apple took a big step to achieve that goal when it launched iPhone XS and iPhone XR trade-in promotion in China. In reality, a trade-in iPhone promotion is not something new as Apple launches it every year. China has been Apple’s main focus in recent years as the company launches more iPhones in the country. With the trade-in program, Chinese customers can grab a new iPhone XR or iPhone XS if they trade in an iPhone 7 Plus. However, customers need to go to local Apple Stores to enjoy the deal.

In November, Apple offered a similar deal in the US. Unlike China, US-based customers can sign up for the program online. Sources say that the promotion ends on 31st January 2019 in China, but there is no word on when it expires in the US. Apple’s move aims to boost its iPhone sales in China after reports of slowdown. In reality, Apple is dealing with iPhone sales ban in China after reports of patent infringement. Indeed, Qualcomm claimed that Apple had violated some of its patents, which forced Apple to switch to Intel’s modem chips. Sources say that Apple has been working on its own chips for future iPhones in an attempt to reduce its dependence on Intel.

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