Apple confirms that AirPods will take some more time for Market launch

Apple introduced AirPods, its first pair of wireless headphones, at the iPhone 7 launch last month and planned to ship the device this month, but now the company isn’t saying when they’ll be rolled out. The statement says AirPods are not ready yet, and the product will take some more time for market launch.

Apple delaying the launch of products is pretty rare, but it’s not without precedent. The company recently delayed the launch of watchOS 2 right on the intended release day after discovering a bug. Though the decision to delay AirPods might upset potential customers, all can agree that pushing back the launch is preferable to rolling out a product that appears to be bugs.


Apple’s wireless AirPods are designed to be compatible with its latest iPhones, and come with a new W1 chip that supports connecting various Apple devices. The chip uses regular Bluetooth for connectivity, and can wirelessly connect to iCloud-connected devices. Therefore, users can sync the headphones with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, and switch between them.

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Plus, the wireless headphones feature infrared sensors that can detect when each AirPod is in your ear, as well as an accelerometer that can detect when you tap your AirPods.

Speaking of design, the Apple AirPods look almost exactly like the wired Apple EarPods that come with the iPhone, but without the cord. Plus, the new headphones come in handy as they are packed with a small charging and carrying case, so users can charge them on the go. This portable charger can hold juice for up to 24 hours of playback.

Apple is yet to mention the official release date for the AirPods. However, the company says when its wireless headphones do hit the market, they will be priced at $159. Apple may not take a long time to make the product available, so just be patient, potential buyers!