A Comprehensive Parental Control Solution for Enhanced Child Safety

The subject of parental control in the digital context is a complex one with many nuances. Fortunately, the technology side of the equation is not as nuanced as other considerations, such as what your child might feel about being monitored so closely. From a technology perspective, however, there are several robust solutions for monitoring your child’s online activities, and the one being showcased here today is a parent control software called Spyzie.


What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is about getting information when you want it – information about your child’s physical location, their Internet activities, their social media interactions, and even the media they store on their personal mobile devices. It’s about being aware of your child’s environment and what they have access to on a real-time basis. In short, it’s your virtual presence exercising parent control on their phone.

Feature Highlights

Spyzie goes above and beyond your normal iOS, Android or web-based application. Once installed and activated on a target device (your child’s smartphone or tablet), it tracks their moves via GPS and Wi-Fi logging so you know where they are at all times. There’s even a geofencing feature that alerts you when they cross a preset perimeter.

On the activity front, Spyzie enables you to restrict websites and apps, control screen time on various apps, log their calls, check all messages including social posts, view their bookmarks and browsing history, view email details, view documents and media stored on the device, and even look at deleted media, call logs and text messages.

Spyzie gives you more control over your child’s device than most other parental control apps. For instance, you can see what apps they’re using and how much time they’re spending on an app-wise basis. You can even see what they’re keying into their device using the keylogger feature.

In simple terms, it is a comprehensive utility that works not only with kids, but also employees if you’re a business owner looking to increase your company’s productivity.

How Does it Work?

This is the easiest part. First, download the app on the target device. Then sign up for a Spyzie account, log in, connect to the target device online and you’re good to go. Since this is a web-based application, you can use your Spyzie login to monitor the target device from virtually any other device with an Internet connection. You can also view all the information on the parent-side application that you can install on your device. If the target device is an iPhone or iPad, you won’t even need a special app, as explained in the Technical Overview section.

That’s how simple it is. All the heavy lifting is done by the application itself so you can focus on what’s really important – keeping your child safe or keeping your employees at optimal productivity levels.

How Much Does It Cost and What Do I Get?

Compared to some of the premium parental monitoring apps out there, Spyzie is extremely affordable. An annual Premium Edition plan, for example, only costs you $7.50 a month or $89.99 for a whole year. If you want additional features, you can take the $8.33 a month Ultimate Edition plan ($99.99 a year). The Ultimate Edition offers a lot of new features, as outlined below:

  • Monitor voice memos
  • Be alerted of any SIM changes
  • Geofence your child for their physical safety
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots to get an accurate fix on their location
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing email messages
  • View all documents viewed or saved on the target device

The Ultimate Edition also lets you control social apps, covering a dozen different platforms. It also lets you set alerts for specific keywords when they’re spotted. In addition, you can take random screenshots of the target device. All of this information will be available in your Spyzie login so you can check from anywhere, and at any time.

Technical Overview

The Spyzie apps for iOS and Android are fully compatible with the latest versions of these operating systems – iOS 12 and Android 9.0 Pie, respectively. That means, even if you have a brand new iPhone XS or plan to buy the newly released Google Pixel 3 smartphone, Spyzie has you covered.

One important point to remember is that the iOS app doesn’t require the target device to be jailbroken or the Android device to be rooted, which is usually a prerequisite for an app with such granular monitoring capabilities. All you need to do on an Android phone is install the app on the device and grant appropriate permissions, after which you can activate the service. On iOS devices, simply provide the device information through your account page on the web or in the app itself, sign into the iCloud account of the target device and it’s done.

As you can see, the setup process is fairly simple for both iOS and Android target devices, and all the information is available in an easy-to-view format for convenient monitoring (see screenshot below.)


Considering how little the service costs and the abundance of tracking information you get for it, this service comes highly recommended for any parent or employer looking for more control over the activities of their wards.