5 best Google Pixel Slate features you wish to see in the iPad Pro


Google Pixel is one of the best-selling devices on the market. Back in 2013, the first Pixel-branded device made its debut and quickly gained its popularity out there. Chromebook Pixel was a tablet that marked Google’s first steps into the hardware market where it would compete with big names like Apple, Samsung, or Sony. In 2017, Google announced Pixel C, the company’s first tablet on the market. The Pixel C received mostly positive reviews, with praise directed at its premium design and stunning display. However, the Pixel C saw a sluggish sales performance as it failed to challenge the Apple iPad Pro.

According to reports, Apple now dominates the tablet market with more than 60 percent share. Reports also say that there is no specific competing product from the likes of Samsung and Google. In reality, Apple iPad has been showing signs of a sales slowdown in recent years, but Apple still grabs some ground on the market. At this year’s October event, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro with an improved design and under-the-hood improvements. The new iPad Pro is designed to replace the traditional PCs as it is more powerful than 92 percent of PCs shipped last year. One of the biggest changes coming to 2018 iPad Pro lies in Apple A12X Bionic chip that offers a much-improved performance when compared to last year’s models.

Despite those improvements, the iPad Pro lacks some exciting features found in its rivals. With that in mind, we have created a list of the best Pixel Slate features you wish to see in 2018 iPad Pro. For some background, the Pixel Slate is now available worldwide for $599 and works perfectly with Google Pen stylus which costs $99.

  1. A second USB-C port

With the new iPad Pro, Apple ditched its traditional lightning connector, instead, adopting a USB-C port for faster file transfer and improved charging speed. Like the iPad Pro, the Google Pixel Slate heavily relies on USB-C for connection, but Google is doing a better job as it adds a second port to the other side of the device.

Sources say that the adoption of two USB-C ports makes the device bigger and heavier, which is why the iPad Pro only features a single USB port. In reality, the Pixel Slate is around 100 grams heavier than the iPad Pro. However, adding a second USB port allows users to connect their tablets to multiple devices at the same time.

Sources say that Apple will switch to USB-C ports in future iPhones. Reports say that the Cupertino firm has been testing two prototypes with USB-C connectors at its facilities. Ming-Chi-Kuo says that Apple will move away from its traditional lightning ports in 2019 iPhones.

  1. Support for USB-C hard drives

One of the best things when it comes the Pixel Slate lies in the ability to connect to any USB-C hard drive on the market. This comes in handy for those who want to expand their storage space. However, the iPad Pro is a different story.

In reality, you can connect external devices like Cameras or displays to your iPad Pro, but your tablet won’t work with the USB-C hard drive. So, don’t attempt to plug in a Samsung T5 hard drive and expect it works. Sources say that Apple will add support for USB-C hard drives to its iPad lineup. For now, the USB-C port on the Apple iPad is still in the early stages, so Apple needs more time to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Sources say that 2019 iPad Pro will feature two USB-C ports and include support for extra monitors.

  1. Support for multiple users

Apple iOS operating system has a high level of security. This was achieved by Apple’s endless effort to improve its mobile OS every year. If you are looking for an iPad with multi-user support, then you will be disappointed. However, this is something that has been demanded for years among the community.

Apple’s multi-user support on the iPad should be a better choice if you want to share your tablet with your family members. In reality, the Pixel Slate supports multiple users, but one major drawback is that only the main user has access to the Google Play Store.

  1. Backlit keys

Apple iPad Pro works with a wide range of external keyboards out there. Indeed, you can connect your tablet to an external stand and use it as a PC on the go. Apple has its own Smart Keyboard Folio, which can be bought separately for $169, but it lacks support for the trackpad and backlit keys, something we are seeing on the Pixel Slate Keyboard. In reality, the adoption of a trackpad allows for better navigation. Sources say that Apple has been working on a new Smart Keyboard for its iPad lineup, but it remains unknown when we are seeing it.

  1. Support for desktop Safari

Safari has been part of Apple devices for years and is getting better and smarter. In reality, Safari receives big updates on an annual basis, but it still lacks something. If you frequently use Safari as your default browser, you may have noticed that it does not support desktop browsing interface. This means that you are stuck with a mobile browser. Chrome on the Pixel Slate, on the other hand, includes full support for desktop browser and can run native web apps. The coolest part is that you can add extensions to the web browser.

These are 5 things Apple iPad Pro should steal from the Pixel Slate. If you have got another, let us know in the comments below.


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